Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Canadian Idol now officially sucks

OK, I really tried to resist doing this, but after tonight's fiasco I feel it's my duty. Indulge me while I give you my take on this year's Canadian Idol.

First, I don't give much credence to votes deciding who should be crowned a Pop Idol. After all, it's these same masses that gave life and longevity to artists like the Spice Girls. But I watch the show anyway, because maybe - just maybe, there'll be some pleasant surprises. When they got to the top 10 this year, I was optimistic. Suzi Rawn and Josh Palmer were my official picks for the last 2 standing. Little did I know that Canadians everywhere were conspiring against my dream of pop legitimacy for this show. The top 6:

Rex Goudie - reminds me of a young, talentless Springsteen. He'll be on the show as long as there are girls out there that think he might actually write a song about them if he wins.

Melissa O'Neil - she's good, but nowhere as good as her eliminated Cowtown rival Amber Fleury, who only lost out because she doesn't look like someone from The O.C.

Aaron Walpole - should be an actor, plain and simple.

Casey Leblanc - is only still in the running because she's the poster child for Vote For The Worst.

Suzi Rawn - should win the contest, but instead has appeared in the bottom 3 twice(?) already. Shame on the voters.

Josh Palmer - lost out this evening. Based on the performance he bowed out with, the reaction of the remaining contenders and the judges - it's probably the best thing that could ever happen to him. Now he can go out there and make some music. Go get 'em Josh.......


Jon said...

Wow. You're the only person I know who liked Josh. Personally, I think he should have been punted weeks ago.

Oops...gotta catch a plane!

M&M said...

Leave alone canadians , Even indians suck in this regard..We had an indian idol jackass show on air a couple of months back and the best were voted out in the first few rounds and the guy who eventually won his whole colony of people messaging n voting in favour of him....!! how is that!?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand this "Idol" shite.

I'd rather watch "INXS:Rock Star", at least the "contestants" have some real talent.


Bewildered said...

Canadian Idol sucks BIG time! Oh, you may hear them three months after they've won but then they disappear from the radio obscurity. I heard of people trying out for the third time and eventually making it. It tells me that Canada is running out of talent. Then there are the Idols. Jennifer O'neille has a bad intonation when she says her words. It just come out funny for me. It's kinda weird. Then there's the guy who looks like a girl. Now that's a weird looking girly man or I should say girly boy. Then there are the judges. 2 out of the 4 judges don't deserve to be judges. Sass Jordan can sing but what kind of constructive comments are these? "I love you, oh I just love you. I like what your wearing. People will just love you" What tha? And there's the long haired dude who thinks he knows a lot about about music. I think he knows more a lot about fromgage (cheese) than about music. Simon Cowell told him off in the World Idol compition that he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about and I totally agree. Where did they get this dolt. Canadian Idols and the show itself is sooo overrated. All in all, they may have won but they are no Kelly Clarkson.

Bewildered said...

Excuse me for the typos above.

Karl Plesz said...

Yeah, Darlene thinks Canadian Idol is much worse than American Idol too. But I don't buy it. In comparison, I don't hear many American Idols on the radio (note I said 'many'), so they tend to wallow in obscurity soon after they win too. I agree with you on who won in 2005. Jennifer didn't do anything for me. As far as ripping the judges - have you seen Paula Abdul's performances this year? I'll take Sass's opinion over Paula's anyday.

totally turned off said...

Here's another reason why Canadian Idol sucks! Remember last year when they presented a gold record or platinum record award to that skinny girl with the glasses from Saskatchewan, her name I forgot and don't care. How did she deserve to get those awards. Mmmmhhh? Probably the towns of Regina and Saskatoon bought her CDs. Wuptidoo! Man, that's some serious record sales. LOL

Shianne said...

You think that 2005 sucked well how about this year 2008 with all those white clean cut people. I mean every song they butcher and these asshole of judges who get paid to lie are very pathetic. This show has to be cancelled but how can it with all those kids tuning in. Good Riddance Mookie who obviously is such a pretender.