Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cooking for two

Maybe it's just me, but I find food packaging doesn't really take couples into account. Take a loaf of bread for example - too big for just a couple. Most of the time, half the loaf goes in the garbage once it goes stale. Mayo - the 750ml jar is the best value (millilitre for millilitre), but the "bad food bugs" get the best of the jar before we ever do. Sure the tiny jar would be more practical, but it's 80% of the price of the next size up while only containing 40% of the contents. Bacon is another example - too much for just 2 people. My biggest beef (no pun intended)? Ground beef. Most recipes call for a pound of the stuff (453 grams), but grocery stores insist on packaging it in 600-800 gram amounts.


Anonymous said...

That Metric stuff throws me off! Ground Beef is sold in one pound units here usually. I hope the states don't switch to the Metric system someday. I've talked to enough Ontarians to know that they do not! like the system at all... I agree on the quantitys thing though. Bread is too large, mayo is in funny size jars too. Bacon? No way! Too much fat... :)

Jon said...

I'm sure if you talked to someone under 40 you'd find that they don't have a problem with metric.

I'm 35 and we switched to metric when I was in Junior High (grade 7-ish methinks). Nobody I know that's younger than my Dad has any problems with metric.

In fact, a number system based on tens rather than on arbitrary measurements makes much more sense for a variety of reasons. Witness how pretty much the entire free world aside from the US has adopted it.

Karl Plesz said... summary, packaging volume bad - metric is another discussion altogether. But I concur with Heatsink. Heh.

Jon said...

Comically enough I picked the age 40 off the top of my head. I then clicked on John's name and went to his blog. His intro statement start out

"Thanks for stopping by Michigan Blog. Here you'll find comments and other stuff from a fourty something single guy..."

I'm gifted....

Anonymous said...

You could break up the pack of beef and freeze it in smaller packs...just a thought from your little sister :)