Friday, December 31, 2004


My new car (bought last March) has a few luxury amenities. Like seat heaters, for example. Darlene just loves this feature, being most intolerant of the cold. There have been few times I have been more afraid than the time I recently went to turn said heater off, before her posterior had a chance to get sufficiently warm. My problem? I guess I have this weird fear that if the seat heaters are left on too long, they'll drain my battery and I won't be able to start my car on the next attempt. Is this a baseless fear? Oh, very likely. I mean, I've seriously gone different routes to get where I'm going just to give the alternator a chance to put a little more charge into the battery after turning her heater off. Do I need therapy?Posted by Hello

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Sheri said...

Yes Unkie Karl, I believe you do!
I wish you all the best, and all that jive for 2005.