Thursday, May 17, 2018

Small things 17 May

  • Whoever suggested that whiskey or brandy was good to provide relief from a cold or flu likely wasn't a doctor, but I bet they sure loved whiskey and brandy. In fact I propose that those who continue to offer this advice are also bona fide whiskey lovers.
  • Five syllables here; Seven more syllables there. Are you happy now?
  • Poem by Hungry Cat:

I lick your nose.
I lick your nose again.
I drag my claws down your eyelids.
Oh, you're up? 
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  • Proton: Electron! Where the hell are you?   Electron: I'm not sure. I can tell you where I might be. Does that help?

  • In biology, multiplication and division kinda mean the same thing.
  • When they say "We're letting you go," what they really mean is "We're making you go."
  • If you ever say "I don't care" and people don't believe you, just wave your hands in the air....

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