Thursday, May 03, 2018

Food truck names, real and imagined

The Grillenium Falcon; Be More Pacific; Planet of the Crepes; What the Fork?; Patty Wagon; Waffles & Chix; RoadTisserie; Kurry Up; Rolls Rice; Wilk's Booth; El Camion; Fry Girlz; Serial Grillers; Sticks and Cones; The Greasy Weiner; Burger, She Wrote; Cluck It Up; Pimp my Rice; Curry up Now; Easy Slider; Hamborghini; I Dream of Weenie; Guac N Roll; Mamas and the Tapas; Ms. Cheezious; Nacho Bizness; Pretty Thai for a White Guy; Truck Norris; VolksWaffle; Bacon me Crazy; Basic Kneads Pizza; Bun Intended; Crepe'N Around; Deli Llama; Fork in the Road; Frankenstand; God save the cuisine; Great balls on tires; Great Foodini; Starchy & Husk; Vincent Van Donuts; Pavement Snacks; Winneburger; Chrome on the Range; Fidel Gastro's;

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