Friday, April 27, 2018

Things I learned lately 27 Apr

  • Abba is writing material for a new album.
  • You can ask for a 'round egg' at McDonalds to get the real egg. So like, order a Big Breakfast with the round egg and you won't get the powdered egg.
  • Ford plans on killing off sedans in its lineup. This is partly due to Trump's tariffs.
  • Fewer than 10% of people in Norway use cash.
  • Best headline seen this year: Uranus smells like farts, astronomers have confirmed — which could indicate there was 'a big shakeup' early in the solar system.
  • Amazon Prime members who own a car equipped with OnStar or Volvo's On Call will be able to choose Amazon Key delivery, where the package is put in your car's trunk.
  • YouTube has revealed the scale of the task it faces in removing videos that violate its terms. The platform pulled down 8.3 million videos just between October and December 2017. Pulled videos were under the categories of: Sexual: 30.01%; Spam or misleading: 26.4%; Hateful or abusive: 15.6%; Violent or repulsive: 13.5%; Harmful dangerous acts: 7.6%; Child abuse: 5.2%; Promotes terrorism: 1.6%.

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