Friday, April 27, 2018

Small things 27 Apr

  • Some days, my idea of a reduced carb diet is eating peanut butter with a spoon.
  • It would be funny if a biology or physics teacher had a little joke at students' expense by showing them a black lung and insisting that this is what oxygen does to the lung - it makes it rust on the inside.
  • "I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."  ~Stephen Hawking
  • The scariest thing at school should be a pop quiz.
  • I think in a few years Elon Musk is going to miss his old Tesla roadster and wish he didn't launch it into space. Then he's going to try and launch a rocket to try and retrieve it.
  • Banker pick-up line: "Are you a loan, because you're gaining my interest." Appropriate come-back: "Are you a banker, because leave me a loan."
  • Elon Musk is making a sequel of the movie "Dude, where's my car?"

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