Friday, March 23, 2018

Things I learned lately 23 Mar

  • At Costco, if the price ends in .97, it's been marked down. If the tag has an asterisk, it's not being restocked.
  • An analysis of the Bitcoin blockchain – the publicly accessible ledger of transactions upon which the system is built – has revealed this vast trove of data is irrevocably tainted with unremovable links to illegal child pornography, which are inevitably distributed among and by all users of the currency. This discovery, in addition to other questionable and possibly outlawed content stored within the blockchain hypothetically makes Bitcoin ownership illegal, in any country that has laws against the possession and distribution of images of child abuse.
  • The first fatal accident between an autonomous car and a pedestrian has happened in Arizona. For reference, autonomous vehicles have driven over 100 million miles accident-free until now.
  • Traditional macaroni is straight. Elbow macaroni is curved.
  • Burt Reynolds was the first male nude centrefold
    . In Cosmopolitan. In 1972.
  • You can dip the entire Oreo cookie in milk and not get milk on your fingers by sticking a fork into the filling to hold the cookie.

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