Friday, March 09, 2018

CBC Open House

On 3 Mar 2018, I got a chance to attend an open house at the new CBC location in Parkdale, just a 14 minute walk from our house. I'm glad that I went early, as it got pretty crowded after 12:30.

The station occupies two floors, but they only opened the main floor to the public. I saw their main TV studio and the radio booths including the big FM studio at the south end where the Eye Opener morning show is broadcast.

It looks like a wonderful facility. I learned that when the TV news is broadcast, the cameras are controlled remotely from the main office in Toronto. I checked in at the web content desk and heard how they organize and prioritize the stories on the web site. I also got a look at their real time status board, which shows how many visitors, where they're from, what kind of device they're viewing on and how long they stay.

I've always secretly dreamed of having a career in broadcasting. While I was stationed in CFS Alert at the top of Ellesmere Island, I volunteered to be the CHAR-FM radio station program manager. I had my own radio shows and trained volunteers who wanted their own shows as well. Unfortunately, there's little chance I'd ever get to work at CBC Calgary as you need to not only be trained in school, but you also have to progress through the ranks, whihch means taking a job either at small market stations for a while, or getting hired casual in a big market.

But is was fun to visit and talk at length to people who work in the business.

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