Monday, February 26, 2018

Drivers need patience (maybe eyes too)

If there one thing I think drivers in general need to learn, it's patience.

While Darlene and I were sitting at a light at a very big intersection (16 Ave & 29 St NW), the advanced left turn light had turned green, but I didn't move.

That's because an ambulance, lights flashing, sirens wailing, was entering the intersection perpendicular to us. Unfortunately, someone in the SUV behind us was impatient. They beeped their horn, obviously unaware of the ambulance about to enter the intersection. I'm pointing to the ambulance, but of course, they're unaware of that too.

Since I'm not moving, they took it upon themselves to pass us on the left and race toward the intersection, which the ambulance is now 1/3 through. The SUV continues entering, only becoming aware of the ambulance once it's directly in front of them, barely missing them as they come to a rapid stop. Luckily, the ambulance was going straight through, which created a fairly large buffer space between the two vehicles. Had the ambulance been turning left and coming toward us, there would very likely have been a collision.

The SUV driver looked pretty silly sitting in the middle of the intersection as the ambulance passed by. I'm not sure if they realized how lucky they were to be alive.

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