Friday, January 19, 2018

Things I learned lately 19 Jan

  • New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has become the first Western leader ever to be pregnant in office.
  • The person who sang the vocals on Edgar Winter's 'Free Ride' is Dan Hartman, the same person who sang the 1980s hits 'Instant replay' and 'I can dream about you'. Yeah, that Dan Hartman. Bonus trivia: "I can dream about you' was featured in the movie Streets of Fire, but the band performing the song was a fictional vocal group called The Sorels.
  • It is no longer true that storing a modern car battery on a concrete floor is bad for the battery.
  • Nova Scotia's last strip club has closed.
  • Drinking and droning is now illegal in New Jersey.
  • Former American companies. Budweiser, now owned by InBev, Belgium. Ben & Jerry's, now owned by Unilever, Dutch-UK. Burger King, now owned by Restaurant Brands International, Canada. Trader Joe's now owned by Aldi Nord, Germany. General Electric, now owned by Haier, China. American Apparel, now owned by Gildan, Canada. 7-Eleven, owned by Seven & i Holdings, Japan. Sunglass Hut, owned by Luxottica, Italy.
  • In 19th century France, the Paris Morgue had picture windows set up for the public to peer through.

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