Saturday, December 23, 2017

Things I learned lately 23 Dec

  • Beyond Meat makes a plant-based sausage in 3 flavours, hot Italian, sweet Italian, and brat. They look like meat, but they're primarily made from pea protein, rice, fava beans, potato starch, and coconut oil. They also contain beet juice, which gives them a reddish colour. Compared to traditional sausage, Beyond's has two more grams of protein, about half the fat, and 140 mg less sodium.
  • The tongue is not actually divided into sections, each with their own taste.
  • Jenna Abrams, who riled up millions of Americans with her polarizing tweets in the past few years, was none other than employees at the Internet Research Agency, the Russian government-funded "troll farm" in St. Petersburg.
  • Paris Hilton is the highest paid woman DJ in the world, on the road 250 days per year.
  • Self-driving vehicle projects, starting with Waymo, are now teaching their fleets to drive in winter conditions.
  • Piala Inc, a Japanese marketing company, is giving non-smokers an extra 6 vacation days per year.
  • If you're using FaceID on the new iPhone and shave your beard, you'll need to enter your pass-code until it re-learns your face, then FaceID will work again.

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