Friday, December 08, 2017

Small things 8 Dec

  • Do mice look at bats and think, "OMG, an angel!"?
  • This is NOT the year to hang mistletoe at the office Xmas party.
  • Maybe I could become a divorce photographer.......
  • I do in fact, have my druthers.
  • When you're a kid, you grade a store based on its selection of candy. Or comic books. Or both.
  • I'm a member of 'knights of the IKEA table'.
  • Don't put all your files onto just one hard drive. ~Karl Plesz
  • Never 'label' your own art. There are countless others willing to do that for you.....
  • When people ask me if I like meatloaf, I inevitably have to ask "The singer or the food?" One is bland and forgettable, the other is a tasty entree.

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