Friday, November 24, 2017

Karl's Fake News 24 Nov

  • Disney hinting that Mickey Mouse may make appearance in next Star Wars movie.
  • Habs admit they let the Leafs win that time.
  • Archaeologists find evidence oil sands just leftover massive oil spill from previous civilization.
  • Blackberry ponders move from software to cell phones.
  • Health Canada issues warning not to use pepper spray in food.
  • Lego wins bid to build massive hydro project in northern Quebec. Plastic stocks way up.
  • US Homeland Security tries to stop people from visiting Mark Cuban.
  • Pope issues declaration that Mars safe for humans to visit - Devil doesn't live on red planet.
  • EA Sports updates its Madden NFL video game to include players taking a knee during anthem.
  • ISIS renames caliphate to outpost.

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