Friday, November 17, 2017

Karl's Fake News 18 Nov

  • Uber plans drive up escort service in European cities.
  • North Korea accidentally fires test missile onto controversial island in South China Sea. Chinese Ninjas spotted massing on border with North Korea.
  • Dozens of abandoned Nigerian houses containing millions of dollars owners were unable to get out of country.
  • Santa IS real, says non-believers won't be getting new iPhone X this year.
  • Aeroplan and Air Miles to merge. Will require 500,000 points to fly anywhere, except US destinations, void in Quebec.
  • Paradise Papers reveal Bubbles character from Trailer Park Boys socked away millions in Caymans.
  • Kevin Spacey to be retroactively removed from all previous movie roles. His 'The Usual Suspects' character to be re-shot starring Nathan Fillion.
  • Medical experts say talking about cancer causes cancer.
  • Trump says he will rebuild Raqqa and ISIS will pay for it.
  • Climate change forces Santa to install pontoons on sleigh.

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