Friday, July 28, 2017

Things I learned lately - 28 Jul

  • In Helsinki Finland, on 22 Jun, the sun rises at 3:54am and sets at 10:50pm. But civil twilight doesn't end until 12:42am and starts again at 2:02am.
  • Stonehenge is not technically a henge.
  • The wastelands around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are about to be transformed into a large solar power farm, capable of generating half the energy that Chernobyl did. Solar power is the only way the radiation zone around the site can be used productively, as the land will not be fit for farming or anything else over the next few hundred years.
  • A Big Mac only costs $1.57 in Ukraine.
  • Only 3 McDonald's locations in the US serve pizza.
  • Emmanuel Macron's campaign released an ad showing how American pundits predicted an easy win for Hillary, likely scaring a lot of French voters into voting. Macron won.

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