Friday, June 16, 2017

Things I learned lately - 16 Jun

  • Because it’s considered relatively inexpensive, there’s an assumption that poor people eat more fast food than other socioeconomic groups. It turns out this isn't true. There is no socioeconomic group that eats fast food more than another.
  • Hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapple) was invented by a Greek immigrant to Canada, in 1962. This type of pizza is the most popular in Australia. You're welcome.
  • Hong Kong property prices are famously sky-high, but now a parking space has been sold for US$664,200 a possible world record. The space is on the first floor at a luxury apartment complex, measuring 188 square feet.
  • Back in 1946, it was considered indecent when people walked around in their swimsuits anywhere but on the beach itself, and at Rockaway Beach in New York you were expected to wear a robe to and from the beach.
  • C3PO, the protocol droid from Star wars, was not all gold. He had a silver lower right leg.
  • There are boats buried under San Francisco, from the Gold Rush days.
  • Apparently, sunscreen with an SPF rating higher than 50 isn't much better than 50. 100 SPF only improves the UVB protection 1%, from 98% to 99%.
  • The starting salary for an elementary or high school teacher in Luxembourg is higher than the top of the pay scale for an American or Canadian teacher. The top scale for Luxembourg is USD$137,000.

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