Friday, March 17, 2017

Things I learned lately - 17 March

  • The American politician with the highest approval rating during the week of 12 March was Bernie Sanders.
  • The 5 states with the largest gender pay gap are Wyoming, Louisiana, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Utah.
  • China has replicas of London's Tower Bridge (but double the size); Athens' Parthenon; a 354-foot Eiffel Tower; a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Beijing, which leads to a fake Sydney Opera House; the Roman Colosseum in Macau; an Arc de Triomphe; a Great Sphinx of Giza; the White House; Egypt's Karnak Temple; and a Tower of Pisa.
  • Employers have the right to make high heeled shoes part of the official dress code for women. And some do. For now.
  • Russian trolls targeted Bernie Sanders Facebook supporter groups.
  • Border walls don't stop flying drones carrying packages of drugs. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic)
  • Hertz Gold Plus reward points expire.
  • Poutine Pizza Pops are a thing.
  • Scientists have successfully taught a group of blind and sighted people how to navigate their surroundings using echolocation - the sonar-based language of dolphins and bats. Using sound created by tongue clicks, the group learned how to detect the size of virtual rooms with surprising accuracy - something that researchers had not expected in people who were born with sight.
  • The first person to perform an air guitar solo was Bill Reed of the Canadian vocal group the Diamonds in 1957. It happened halfway through the group’s rendition of Buddy Holly’s Words of Love. Today some 10,000 people attend the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland.
  • Bell, owner of the streaming service Crave TV, owns the rights to stream HBO programs in Canada. Yet they don't have them on the Crave TV service, except for a few old series and Billions. Why?

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