Friday, February 24, 2017

Things I learned lately - 24 February

  • It seems that more Americans than ever before are now actually FOR Obamacare, and don't want Republicans to repeal it.
  • I guess some people are pretty passionate about their dislike of pineapple on pizza. Also, best headline on the story: "You want a pizza this?"
  • The people of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean want nothing to do with outside society. In fact, if you were to set foot on the island, the Sentinelese would try to kill you. Almost nothing is known about this indigenous tribe which has inhabited the island for more than 60,000 years. The Sentinelese are completely cut-off from modern civilization by their own choice. After failing to make a connection (even after rescuers from the 2004 tsunami were met with hostility), the Indian government has stopped all attempts and prohibited travel within three miles of the island. In 2006, two illegally operating fishermen were killed when they broke the rules and visited the island.
  • Many Danish supermarkets are starting to sell good food, which is nearing its expiry date, at reduced prices. That means that supermarkets waste less food and earn money on the food, which otherwise could have been tossed in the bin - and customers can buy food at a reduced price and thus avoid food waste. Many Danish supermarkets brand themselves on these initiatives, labelling them “Save Food” of the “Stop Food Waste” bargains.
  • The longest mail delivery route in America is in rural Oklahoma, where some drivers drive 300km each day as part of their route. That would service around 200 homes.
  • The role of Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, was supposed to go to Tom Poston. But when NBC accepted the show idea, they insisted Don Adams get the role, who was on contract with NBC.
  • The first ever direct freight train from China to the UK has arrived to a fanfare in Barking, east London. The train carried millions of pounds worth of socks, cloth, bags, and household goods. It took 18 days to travel from the manufacturing city of Yiwu in China, travelling more than 7,500 miles across 7 countries and through the Chunnel. The new weekly service is thought to be quicker than a container ship and half the price of air freight. Differing rail gauges in different countries means no single train can travel the whole route and the containers have to be reloaded at various stages. 
  • The current market for marijuana in North America is bigger than what consumers spend on McDonald's and Starbucks combined.

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