Friday, February 10, 2017

Things I learned lately - 10 February

  • The population density of Paris is more than double that of New York City.
  • Iran has 22 ski resorts.
  • Rwanda was the first country to ban the plastic bag.
  • In 1480, Sri Lanka was still connected to India via a land bridge, which has since eroded away. You can see remnants of it on Google Maps.
  • There are no bridges crossing the Amazon river.
  • There are no roads connecting Panama to Columbia. So you can't drive from North to South America (on a road).
  • San Jose Costa Rica, only allows car owners to drive 6 days a week, to fight pollution and congestion.
  • In Bulgaria, their nods mean the opposite from ours. Up and down means no and side to side means yes.
  • The longest fence in the world, at 5600 km can be found in Australia. It was built to keep wild dogs out of the fertile SE region.
  • In Denmark, you're never more than 48 km from the ocean.
  • The easternmost part of Canada is closer to Croatia than to Vancouver.
  • There are no commercial flights in or out of Delaware.

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