Friday, December 09, 2016

Things I learned lately - 9 December

  • A fake tweet suggesting that Star Wars Rogue One was re-written, re-shot and edited to include anti-Trump messages has started a boycotting campaign against the movie. #Fakenews #GullibleRepublicans #Trumpisgay
  • Those recessed light fixtures in an office ceiling are called troffers.
  • 60% of transgender Americans have avoided public bathrooms for fear of being harassed
  • Amazon Go, the Amazon of grocery stores, uses an app and a bunch of sensors and AI to track your items as you pick them off the shelves, then you just walk out. No lines. No registers. Paid automatically. First store to open in early 2017. 
  • Audi is the first automaker to launch vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I). Select Audi cars built after June 2016 come with a timer that will tell you when the light will change when driving in Las Vegas. Audi and Las Vegas linked 1,000 traffic lights to the cars. The timer in the instrument cluster counts down the seconds until the light turns green. This should expand to other cities throughout 2017 and beyond. Many automakers are exploring V2I, as well as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), to collect data on traffic flow, accidents up ahead, and climate conditions. V2I talks to traffic lights or sensors embedded in roads. V2V, just like it sounds, is cars talking to each other about conditions ahead. This can inform drivers about what to expect so they can make decisions in advance, like changing their route before hitting traffic. V2I and V2V can also help self-driving cars in the future by giving them more information about their surrounding environment. The 2017 Mercedes E-Class is the first to come with V2V. The car transmits road conditions ahead to Daimler's servers, which then relays to other E-Class cars on the road.
  • 10% of Vancouver commuters bike to work and half of all vancouver residents' trip are by bike, walking or transit as of 2015.

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