Friday, December 09, 2016

Mug warming

My office is cool. I wanted to say that my office is cold, but I was brusquely corrected by my neighbours at work in the Shipping Department that my office is not cold, and that if I want to see what cold is, I should come outside and work with them for a few hours. It's currently -31C with windchill as I write this, so no, I will not be joining them outside.

But back to my story. My office is cool. As a result, my coffee mug is cool. When I make a coffee in my mug, the coolness transfers to my coffee and cools it down. I'm not too keen about that. So I pre-heat my mug. I pour hot water from the coffee machine in to warm the material my mug is made of. Once the mug is nice and hot, I empty the hot water and then make my coffee. This same shipping crew now accuse me of being 'fancy'. At least, that's the word they use when I'm around.

I argued that even a thermos' instructions say to pre-heat a thermos before using it to store hot liquids, so what I'm doing is not without precedent.


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