Friday, November 11, 2016

Technology break-down

It blows my mind that with all of the tech advances we have, that it's still necessary for a driver to produce a piece of plastic or paper to prove that they have a valid driver's license and valid insurance. If the police can access your driving record and criminal status on their systems, it should be a minor evolution to include an update from the registry office and the insurance company to indicate your license and insurance status and period of coverage.

I acknowledge that this might be difficult to pull off outside of your jurisdiction, but should be doable at least in your home province.

Another option I've recently become aware of is to issue registration or insurance in the form of a chip & PIN card. Imagine this. Your car's registration card is given to you by the previous owner or dealer and when you go to the registry, it is electronically transferred to you and linked to your driver's license record. Plus, you get a PIN. Whenever the police ask to see your registration, you just plug in the card to their reader and enter the PIN number. Your validation is auto-renewed every year and billed to your credit card.

Just my thoughts.

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