Friday, October 21, 2016

Things I learned lately - 21 October

  • SanDisk just made a 1 TB (terabyte) SD card.
  • California governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill giving concerned citizens permission to break into a hot car, if the pooch inside appears to be in danger.
  • In 2017, Germany will launch the world's first hydrogen powered train.
  • You can now buy marijuana-infused wine in California. It's expensive.
  • Today roughly a third of the planet's food goes to waste.
  • If you rest the corner of a new polymer 5 pound note in a vinyl record groove, it will play the record. You'll hear sound. Not very loud, but you'll hear it.
  • The very first commercial radio jingle was for Wheaties cereal, in 1926.
  • Michigan's Upper Peninsula has always felt culturally distinct from the rest of the state and has always wanted to separate and form the state of Superior.
  • Carmela 'Mama' Sbarro used her knowledge of Italian meats and cheeses to open her own Italian grocery store that sold fresh prosciutto, cured meats, and smoked mozzarella in the Bensonhurst neighbourhood of Brooklyn in 1956. Eventually, the deli and hot foods section of the store took over and Sbarro added pizza to their menu.
  • In April 1991, a tornado carried a cancelled personal check from Stockton, Kansas to Winnetoon, Nebraska, a total of 223 miles.
  • Downtown Los Angeles got a whopping 0.3 inches of snow in January 1949.

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