Friday, September 23, 2016

Your grandfathered long distance plan might now be a waste of money

I wonder how many people are still on old long distance plans. You know, like the old plan Telus used to offer where you got unlimited long distance in Canada for $19.99 per month. At least, it was unlimited until Telus realized that there were people who would call loved ones and leave the line connected for hours, if not days at a time. Then they decided to cap unlimited plans at 600 minutes per month.

I wonder how many of these people realize that their plan is costing them much more than having no long distance plan at all. That's right, you're probably better off not even having a plan. Why? Because if you don't have a plan, Telus sells you long distance at 5 cents per minute. So, a 100 minute phone call would cost $5. So, unless you're making more than 400 minutes of long distance calls every month, that $19.99 plan is a waste. Oh yeah, also, the 5 cents per minute rate includes calls to the US. The old plan doesn't.

I bet Telus never called to tell you that.

What's with the chimp? Telus always has cute animals in their commercials.......

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