Friday, September 30, 2016

Things I learned lately - 30 September

  • A California law that goes into effect 1 Jan 2017, allows for actors to tell to remove their real age from their profile, because it's considered an 'employee referral website'. So if you want to know an actor's real age (public data), you could instead just head over to, let's say, wikipedia.
  • Instead of punishing disruptive kids or sending them to the principal's office, a Baltimore school has something called the Mindful Moment Room instead. The room is filled with lamps, decorations, and plush purple pillows. Misbehaving kids are encouraged to sit in the room and go through practices like breathing or meditation, helping them calm down and re-centre. They are also asked to talk through what happened. It seems to work well.
  • Portland Oregon has more strip clubs per capita than any other municipality in America.
  • In Russia, don't give an even number of flowers as a gift. Russian custom dictates bouquets come with an odd number of flowers if the recipient has a pulse. Only the dead receive flowers in even bunches.
  • 99.9999999% of your body is empty space.
  • 85% of executives in American and European companies admitted that they had issues or concerns at work that they were afraid to raise, for fear of the conflict it would provoke, afraid of the arguments it would start, that they didn't think they could manage and were bound to lose. 
  • While presenting from PowerPoint (or most other similar programs), just press the 'b' key to blackout the slide if they're paying too much attention to it and not you. Pressing 'b' again puts the slide back on. 'w' whites out the slide instead.
  • If you want to call someone again on your cell phone, just hit the call button. It will load the last number, then hit call again to dial.

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