Saturday, September 10, 2016

Things I learned lately - 10 September

  • Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy sources for over two months. The last time gas-powered electricity was used was June 16. Of the entire year so far, the country has had 151 total days in which all power has come from renewable resources. In 2015, the country's energy came from 100% renewable sources for an impressive 285 days. 
  • In Spain and Portugal, McDonald's sells soup.
  • On a typical railway line, there are 3249 railway ties per mile.
  • We now have the first openly lesbian Miss America contestant. In other news, we still have a Miss America pageant.
  • On the ballot in the November US election will be the chance to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the following states: Maine; Massachusetts; Arizona; Nevada; California.
  • IKEA has produced over 30 million PoƤng chairs since it debuted in 1976, and it continues to sell about 1.5 million every year.

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