Friday, July 08, 2016

Things I learned lately - 8 July

  • In the making of the Band of Brothers series, there were 10,000 extras, 500 speaking roles, and a massive wardrobe department that supplied detailed and authentic uniforms, including 500 pairs paratrooper jump boots manufactured to fit the original Army specifications.
  • Creationists in Kentucky built a (supposedly) full sized replica of Noah's Ark, complete with fake dinosaurs and other animals inside.
  • The Opportunity Mars rover, which was only designed to last 90 days on Mars, continues to function 12 years later.
  • There is now a Lego Mayor Naheed Nenshi (Calgary). Not an official Lego product, but whatever. 
  • If you don’t sigh every five minutes or so, the alveoli will slowly collapse causing lung failure.

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