Friday, June 10, 2016

Dear kijiji users

If you post an ad selling something, or looking to acquire something, please realize that other kijiji users are not stupid. We know how to look at your other ads. The link is right there in plain sight.

So, if you are selling furniture while claiming 'no pets' and 'no kids', don't be advertising other things where your pets and kids are easily seen in the pictures. If you're claiming to be a single mom, don't mention your husband in another ad. If you claim that any furniture you buy will need to be delivered because you don't have a vehicle, don't let one of your other ads be about your vehicle. If you're mentioning you need stuff because you just arrived in the city and trying to get set up, don't say you're moving in a few days to another city in a different ad.

If you're claiming to be an evacuee from Fort Mac, don't have other ads going back months showing you always having lived in Calgary.

Just sayin'.

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