Saturday, April 02, 2016

Corporate email ban

Australian media agency Atomic 212 have cut out all internal emails. The company was tired of people relying on email as the primary means of communication with their colleagues. They don't see it as a necessity, when the people being emailed are only steps away from a face to face conversation.

The email that was especially toxic are delegation emails that create tension between coworkers. Tension that could have been avoided if they had spoken in person. When you ask a coworker for a favour, you ask them to their face out of professional consideration.

To fill the vacuum, Atomic 212 relies on Wunderlist to track tasks, Dropbox to share files, and face-to-face for anything else. Except for calendar invites, which are allowed.

Before, there were just sounds of the clicking of keyboard. Now there is excitement and people talking.

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