Saturday, March 26, 2016

Things I learned lately - 26 Mar

  • Lego men have those little holes in the top of their head to allow air to pass through should a child ever get one stuck in their throat.
  • Canada has a national park that's larger than the entire country of Switzerland. Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta. 
  • Canada has enough forest to fill all of the following countries, combined: Japan, Italy, Cambodia, Nicaragua, France, Germany, Ghana, Cameroon, Sweden, South Korea, Uruguay, and the UK.
  • Even though Tidal and Apple are getting exclusive music contracts with big artists, Spotify continues to steamroll, adding 10 million paying customers just since last summer, for a total of 30 million paying customers to date.
  • The New York Times weren't big fans of the Wingdings font because NYT spelled out using Wingdings looked like an anti-semetic message (skull and crossbones; Star of David; and a thumbs up). They did like Webdings font though, because it seemed to spell out I love New York (an eye; a heart; a building)
  • Before municipal sewer systems, shit piled up in the privies of people's homes - essentially a deep hole in the ground. But these holes eventually filled up. That's when the night soil men were called in. Each year in cities across the US, thousands of carts brimming with excrement rattled through the night streets.

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