Saturday, March 12, 2016

Things I learned lately - 12 Mar

  • How long it takes for various planets to complete their trip around the sun (solar year): Mars - 687 days; Jupiter - 11.86 years; Saturn - 29 years; Uranus - 84 years; Neptune - 164.8 years.
  • Mercury experiences intense variations in surface temperature, ranging from -193.15 °C (-315.67 °F) to 426.85 °C (800.33 °F). This is due to the planet’s varying distance from the Sun and its spin, which subjects one side to extended periods of extremely hot temperatures and one side to extended periods of night. 
  • A German soldier must not obey an order, if the order violates the others' human dignity, international law or consists of a crime.
  • There is a Hot Wheels version of the Mars Curiosity rover.
  • A comparative survey of couples suggests people are more attracted to those who have very different immunity genes from their own, even though they are not aware of it. The genes in question play a major role in the immune system, and are thought to leave a lingering trace in body odour. The study suggests humans have evolved to sniff out partners who have different immunity genes because they tend to produce children with stronger immune systems.
  • When Elvis Costello was on SNL in 1977 he abruptly stopped playing the approved song and jumped into "Radio Radio." Supposedly Lorne Michaels gave Costello the middle finger and kept it up until the song was over. He was banned from the show for over a decade. 

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