Saturday, February 27, 2016

Things I learned lately - 27 Feb

  • The musk scent used to come from a male musk deer. Back in the day, a glandular sack about the size of a golf ball would be taken from the musk deer. That sack holds a liquid that is sprayed by the deer and used to attract a mate. When the deer died, the sack would be taken and dried to produce a musk pod. Broken open, you'd find the fragrant musk grain, which would then be soaked in alcohol. The scent was also gotten from other animals, including the vomit from a sperm whale and most other musk animals, like the muskox, musk shrew, and the musk beetle.
  • More young Americans would rather have dinner with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders than music megastars Kanye West and Justin Bieber — combined.
  • Seoul will roll out free WiFi networks at every single public place by 2017.
  • There are now more billionaires in Beijing than in New York City.
  • From now on, you'll need at least 10% down if you want to buy a home worth more than $500,000 in Canada. It used to be 5%.

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