Saturday, February 13, 2016

Things I learned lately - 13 Feb

  • In both Vermont and New Hampshire, the percentage of the population that identify themselves as non-religious is over 50%. Maine is at 50%.
  • In the idiom skeleton in the closet, skeleton originally referred to a disease, as in keeping the fact that you have one hidden from others. 
  • Eat, is a restaurant in New York City, where no one is allowed to talk. The rule is strictly enforced. Diners turn off their cell phones when they come in and step outside if they need to blow their noses. Hand gestures and facial expressions replace speech, but most people are focused on eating.
  • In Canada, there is no caffeine in Mountain Dew. There is a law that prohibits light-coloured soft drinks from containing caffeine.
  • The Burger Family line of hamburgers were originally introduced in American A&Ws in the 1960s, disappeared on both sides of the border in the 1980s, but was revived and expanded in the 1990s in Canada only.
  • The average cup size (bust) in Canada is 'C'. Coincidence? The largest average cup size in the world is D+ in Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland.

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