Sunday, November 22, 2015

Things I learned lately - 22 Nov

  • You do not lose most of your body heat through your head. It's a myth. Your face is however, more sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Los Angeles will soon be building a private airport terminal at LAX for celebrities, athletes, and politicians. So your chances of spotting your fave star will be greatly diminished. I'm going to predict that there won't be any security gate for them either.
  • The more road you can see from your driving position (higher), the slower the traffic in front of you seems to be going. This could be one reason why SUV drivers drive more aggressively.
  • In St Paul Minnesota, they're experimenting with a means of traffic calming in residential areas by putting signs with just pictures of people staring intently at you instead of the traditional 'please slow down' text sign. It seems to be working, because humans respond to faces and especially eye contact.
  • Drivers are more likely to behave rudely if they are alone in their vehicle.
  • Human drivers tend to overcompensate for the slowing vehicles in front of them and this is amplified with each driver behind. This is what causes traffic jams and why self driving cars will eliminate many of those jams.
  • People who drive convertibles are less likely to honk.
  • Just after college, Bill Nye won a Steve Martin look-alike contest in Seattle.
  • The first guest host on Saturday Night Live was George Carlin.
  • There are 13,381 McDonald's in the US.
  • Until September 2013, the letter 'Q' was illegal in Turkey.
  • On December 30, 1809, it became illegal to wear masks at balls held within the City of Boston, as its citizens believed this practice was “detrimental to morals.”

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