Saturday, October 03, 2015

Select tweets from the Sarcastic Rover

"Not all electrons are negative. Some have just been hurt in the past and are looking for a reason to trust again." ~sarcasticrover

"2.5 billion dollars and I can't even watch AMC out here?! That's fine. I can catch up on Breaking Bad when I get back. Oh wait... ~sarcasticrover

"Guess who's got no thumbs, nuclear power and is now the Mayor of Mars on foursquare? #thisrover" ~sarcasticrover

"I enter the martian atmosphere at over 20,000 km per hour, and you call Usain Bolt "fast". Screw you assholes." ~sarcasticrover

"Instead of coffee, on Mars we just grind up rocks and filter them through the memories of our abandonment. Really wakes me up!" ~sarcasticrover

"It takes two whole days to get to the space station? This is like the Oregon Trail or something. The cargo craft will probs get dysentery." ~sarcasticrover

"All the science in the world and the best way to get people back from outer space is to drop them in a can with a big umbrella tied to it." ~sarcasticrover

"In the future, unemployment will be 100% because no one gets hired for anything due to past Twitter jokes and Halloween costume choices." ~sarcasticrover

"Humans are all "when will robots think like us?" and robots are all "why would we want to?"" ~sarcasticrover

"I asked Mars if it had liquid water and it said "Is Pepsi okay?"" ~sarcasticrover

"SCIENCE REMINDER: A blizzard doesn't disprove climate change anymore than you being an idiot disproves evolution." ~sarcasticrover

"Mars doesn't have oxygen and it can make your eyes boil in your head while you freeze to death. But, please, tell me about your snowstorm." ~sarcasticrover

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