Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why I don't trust the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

  • There has been virtually no parliamentary debate on the pros and cons of the deal.
  • The TPP has been negotiated in secret. The negotiators and advisers are forbidden from talking about it.
  • Our MPs do not have access to the text.
  • Many chapters and articles of the TPP will continue to be secret 4 years after the deal goes into effect. 
  • The TPP is entirely influenced by business lobbyists at the expense of the public interest.
  • Patent protections will likely be extended, further delaying cheaper generic medicines.
  • Observers expect Canada to lose the battle to hold on to food supply management.
  • State-owned enterprises like the CBC and Canada Post could be restricted and subject to rules which force them to lose their public service mandates in order to become profit-driven organizations. They would also be prohibited from sourcing services from local or national sources exclusively.
  • The TPP allows corporations to sue countries if their regulations interfere with profit. That means that if we try to pass a law protecting the people and a foreign company says it affects their profits, they can sue us. 

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