Saturday, September 12, 2015

Things I learned lately - 12 Sep

  • Anywhere south of the SF Bay area, the term 'hella' is annoying. As in - "It's hella hot".
  • Despite what you've been told, you aren't 'left-brained' or 'right-brained'.
  • June Gloom/Grey May/No-Sky July are southern Californian terms used to describe a weather pattern that brings low-lying clouds and mist during the early summer months.
  • "It's pretty gnarly out, dude. It's double overhead today!" is a reference to the quality of the surf.
  • Geneticists have discovered that there is much more information coded into our DNA than previously thought. Twice as much.
  • The thermal sleeve you can put over your coffee cup is called a 'zarf'.
  • Ryan Island is the largest island in the largest lake (Siskiwit Lake) in the largest island (Isle Royal) in the largest lake (Lake Superior) in North America.
  • The launch code for the nuclear ICBMs pointed at Russia was 00000000.
  • Recognizable images of the faces of unpictured bystanders can be captured from modern, high-resolution photography by zooming in on subjects' eyes to see the reflections in their corneas.
  • There are more deer in the UK now than at any time since the last Ice Age.
  • The House of Lords has a rifle range.
  • The French call a walkie-talkie a talkie-walkie.

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