Saturday, August 01, 2015

What is it? Episode 12

Alright intrepid mystery solvers, sleuths and investigators.

What is it?

I'll give you a hint. The roads you see here will not change or expand, but the empty spaces between them will soon be filled with assorted buildings and other typical neighbourhood fixtures.

Please answer (with your name) in the comments.


One Half Hour said...

These dont look like vehicle roads to me, for various reasons. An amusement park of some sort?

Anonymous said...

Is it our new movie studio??

Karl Plesz said...

They actually are vehicle roads. They'll be used for research. If I say anymore, I'll completely give it away.

Also, my management of the comments seems to have delete one or two. They looked like repeats, but they didn't delete like repeats.

Minufo said...

It's a city for driverless cars.

Karl Plesz said...

Indeed it is........... Well done.