Friday, July 17, 2015


A Conservative MP, who loosely compared Jesus to her government leader regarding the awesomeness and righteousness of Bill C-51, inspired a new Twitter hashtag #CPCJesus.

The tweets are beyond hilarious.

@LukewSavage: And lo the Lord said "Go forth and spy on thy citizens, for that is my will. Read not the press." - Romans, 4:12 #CPCJesus

@djclimenhaga: #CPCJesus says "Blessed are the 1%, for theirs is the Kingdom of Ottawa."

@kainagata: I hear #CPCJesus can walk on oil spills.

@markcritch: God saw the light, and saw that it was good - so he cancelled its funding #CPCJesus

@clickerati: And #CPCJesus said, blessed are the children, for they cannot vote me out of office in the next election

@PatOndabak: The leper was cured by the Lord. But the Lord made him appear before a review panel to make sure his legs didn't grow back. #CPCJesus

@llootsteen39: Tell a man a lie and he'll vote for you, teach a man to lie and he can run your country #CPCJesus

@JazzlamHazzlam: And the CPCJesus spake unto them, saying "The meek shall inherit the earth, provided they make enough money to qualify for income splitting."

@canadiancynic: "It is easier for a rich man to enter the Senate, than a poor man to qualify for EI."

@TheUselessCoin: Lo, the poor sick woman did go unto #CPCJesus to be healed. #CPCJesus said unto her, "I'm a social conservative. Principles!"

@Meanwhileincana: Harper asks himself: "What would Jesus cut?"

@mikebednarski: And the Three Wise Men came unto Baby #CPCJesus and offered Him gifts of tar, pipelines, and bitumen.

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