Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beach in the City ad

There's an event coming to a Calgary neighbourhood named Kensington next weekend (Aug 1) called Beach in the City. They don't have a TV commercial for it (that I know of), but if there was to be one, this is what Darelene and I came up with:

Scene opens on Kensington Road, facing west into the soon to be setting summer sun.

A dump truck has just unloaded the final load of fresh sand onto Kensington road and workers are raking it. In the distance, you can see other workers hanging a Beach in the City banner across the street.

From the side, a cat wanders onto the sand and starts digging a hole with one paw.

Worker (to the cat): "HEY!! Get outta here!"

The cat meows disapprovingly and scampers off. The worker rakes where the cat began digging.

Fade to black.

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