Saturday, June 13, 2015

Real conservatives support legal marijuana


First you have Canadian doctors saying that they would not support Health Canada's anti-marijuana stance, and now this.

On a side note, I watched a documentary last night that blew me away.

Although marijuana is illegal in Canada (a fact that continues to blow my mind), apparently the marijuana retail trade is alive and well in Vancouver, British Columbia. You can visit with a medical practitioner in one joint (pun intended), then cross the street with your prescription and buy marijuana in many forms in another.

The police don't bother with them because they have an unwritten agreement that as long as these places don't sell to kids or become a nuisance to the neighbourhood, it's all good. It seems that these businesses who sell are just waiting for other city police forces (and councils) to invite them in before they'll establish themselves in other cities across Canada.

Sorry Rona Ambrose. Are you outraged?

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