Saturday, May 09, 2015

Things I learned lately - 9 May

  • Two thirds of earth's population have never seen snow.
  • It's a myth that elephants like peanuts.
  • The Hollywood sign was built as an advertisement. It was only supposed to be up for a year.
  • Israel offered Albert Einstein the presidency in 1952. He declined, of course.
  • China actively blocks access to Facebook. There are still 95 million Facebook users in China.
  • In Poland, there is a blind dog with a seeing eye goose.
  • Grooveshark finally succumbed to copyright lawsuit pressure and is no more. Less than a day later it was back as 
  • Regina SK used to be named Pile-of-Bones.
  • When you visit Sin City, at least the parts south of and including the Encore and Trump International, you're not actually in Las Vegas. You're in the officially unincorporated place known as Paradise, Nevada. The Welcome to Las Vegas sign? In Paradise.
  • So many patent troll lawsuits are filed in Marshall Texas, and juries there are so sympathetic to plaintiffs, that Samsung (who is sued often by patent trolls) built an outdoor skating rink across the street from the courthouse.
  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos also runs a company named Blue Origin, which is also developing a commercial reusable rocket.
  • The new Russian Su-35 fighter jet may be one of, if not the best all around fighter in the skies today.

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