Saturday, May 09, 2015

Looking for a US surf pad

This is one of those things you post on a blog just for the hell of it. So bear with me, because I already know it's a ridiculous request.

If anyone out there owns a home on the Pacific Ocean in the US, who doesn't typically rent out their place but wants to give it a try with a safe couple, we want to hear from you.

We have a few requirements:

You have to have good quality memory foam mattresses. My partner has a form of neuropathy that makes it a necessity.
We need to be right on the ocean. The point is to be able to hear the surf in all of its glory. So being one house away is fine as long as we can see and hear the surf just fine.
The place should be clean and well functioning. We're not looking for museum grade, but things need to be in working order.
We need a spot to park one car.
My partner needs a nice soaker tub.
If the bedroom can be made very dark for sleep, that is a huge bonus. (Partner likes to sleep in on vacation)
We don't have to be near a big city, but we'd like to be 30 minutes or less driving distance from most amenities and restaurants.
We'd like to pay less than $US300 per night.
We'd prefer a property that is not normally rented out (in other words - owner's wear and tear only).

We also pledge some promises of our own:

We don't smoke.
We rarely drink and when we do, we're responsible.
We have no pets.
We have no kids.
We're both over 50, so....... you know. Mature and all that.
We're very trustworthy. We don't have any rental references but can provide a ton of personal references as needed.
We'll likely stay no more than a week. Especially if we get to come back again.
We'll leave the place just like we found it.
We'll appreciate the place as much or more than you do.
The neighbours will love us.

So? Can we come stay at your place when you're not there? Put your invitations in the comments.

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