Saturday, April 25, 2015

Things I learned lately - 25 Apr

  • A test maglev train in Japan just broke another speed record for trains - 375mph (603km/h).
  • If you want the iPhone to add an apostrophe automatically, just add an extra last letter while you type. So if you type "shelll", it will correct to "she'll". Welll gets you we'll.
  • You can enable an accessibility option on the iPhone that will blink the camera LED when unread notifications exist. Great for when you're in 'do not disturb' mode.
  • We've only officially recognized the existence of other galaxies for 90 years.
  • Chevrolet's new all-electric car is named the Bolt. Insert joke here.
  • Treehouse, an online service for teaching web design, coding and more, has had a 4 day workweek since it started up in 2010. They never work on Friday.
  • When you hear an ice cream truck playing “Little Brown Jug,” you’re hearing an updated version of a 30 year old digital unit that replicated the sound of a 55 year old electronic unit, based on a 65 year old mechanical unit, which was based on a music box, which was invented more than 200 years ago. They've been using the same song for 70 years, and that song was written 75 years before that. The sonic equivalent of Instagram.
  • It cost more to make the movie Titanic than to make the actual ship.
  • 250 dead people are currently frozen, waiting to be revived with future technology.
  • North Koreans may only choose from 28 approved hair styles. I'm partial to the 'labour camp crew cut'.
  • A cat (named Stubbs) has been the mayor of Talkeetna Alaska for 18 years.
  • Mexico's 34th president ruled for less than an hour, then resigned.
  • The founder of lost his girlfriend to a guy she met on

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