Saturday, April 11, 2015

Things I learned lately - 11 Apr

  • In Seoul, transit users have RFID cards to pay for trips. The system automatically calculates their fees and bills them based on exact distances travelled.
  • The largest population group consists of 4 billion beings. LEGO people.
  • Amazon is testing their flying delivery drones in rural BC, near the US border.
  • Engineers at Michigan State University announced that they had developed the world's first transparent solar panels.
  • Until about 150 years ago, the city we now call Tokyo was known by the name Edo.
  • The standard fee at most Vegas ATMs is $5.99
  • At its peak, AOL dial-up internet subscriptions were at 27 million. Today, they're down to 2.2 million. Yes, there are still AOL dial-up subscriptions.
  • It's estimated that 275 million stars are born every day.
  • The furthest away that a picture of the Earth was taken is 3.7 billion miles away.
  • The US prison population increased 800% since 1971, which marked the beginning of..... that's right..... the war on drugs.
  • 90% of all volcanic activity occurs under the oceans.
  • Many hotel chains are doing away with the in room mini-bar.

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