Saturday, March 21, 2015

Self driving cars will rule

There are many reasons why we should be looking forward to self-driving cars in the future, assuming they are made with enough real awareness and intelligence to drive safely.

  • Riding in a car will be so much safer because a computer with the right sensors and other inputs can react to changing conditions and surroundings much faster than we can.
  • You'll get to relax and let the car drive.
  • On scenic trips, you'll get to enjoy the scenery too.
  • You'll be able to talk and text and eat and other things safely.
  • Insurance rates should go down since there should be far fewer accidents.
  • Taxis should take the most efficient route. No more wasteful trips to your destination.
  • Cars would have the ability to communicate with each other to warn of impending hazards.
  • Traffic awareness in real time would allow for automatic alternate route selection.
  • Faster reaction times mean cars can be spaced closer together on highways. That means higher road capacity.
  • No more getting cut off.
  • No more imbecile, risk-tasking drivers.
  • A self-respecting self-driving car would never let itself run out of gas.
  • Less stress.
  • Self-driving cars would likely be more gentle with acceleration, and would be less likely to brake for no reason, leading to lower fuel consumption.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists could be equipped with special transmitters, maybe even a person's phone, making them much more visible to the car's sensors.

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