Saturday, March 14, 2015

15 things I wish everyone learned

1. How to establish and follow a personal / family budget.
2. How to use the internet safely.
3. How to focus on making others happy.
4. How to manage their time better.
5. How to be happy with their body.
6. How to embrace failure.
7. How to be more generous, tolerant, and open-minded.
8. How valuable the arts are to the self and to society.
9. Why lying is such a bad habit.
10. Why equality for women is more than about money.
11. How economic inequality needs to be substantially reduced for everyone's benefit.
12. That religion is a belief system, not a law.
13. To challenge the status quo.
14. To specialize in at least one specific skill.
15. To make some kind of music, or sing.

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