Saturday, February 28, 2015

Please read this article

This article blew my mind.

It's about the mistakes our brains make that limits our beliefs, abilities and imagination. It's stuff we don't talk about, but we should. Because 99% of what's wrong with the world is related to the reality we create for ourselves versus the one that we all share.

I'll sum it up for you, but you seriously need to read it.

1. We surround ourselves with information that matches our beliefs.

2. We believe in the “swimmer’s body” illusion.

3. We worry about things we've already lost.

4. We incorrectly predict odds.

5. We rationalize purchases we don’t want.

6. We make decisions based on the anchoring effect.

7. We believe our memories more than facts.

8. We pay more attention to stereotypes than we think.

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