Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Express ride sans luggage

Getting to the airport with lots of luggage is a pain because you're stuck bringing it with you everywhere (until check-in) and have to lug it around if you're not going straight from hotel check-out right to the airport. And never mind the stress of taxis and traffic jams, if you opt for transit, bringing luggage on a train or bus isn't a picnic. In Hong Kong, there's a better way. It's called "in-town check-in", part of Hong Kong's MTR subway system with a line dedicated to airport travel called the Airport Express.

Airport Express travelers can check their luggage in town, then either proceed to the airport or tourist around unencumbered. If you have a 4pm flight and have to leave your hotel by noon, with in-town check-in, you could take a 10am shuttle to one of the two Airport Express stations with check-in service (Hong Kong or Kowloon), drop off your bags and get your boarding pass, then spend your waiting time touring the city or whatever.

The best part: you won't see your bags again until you land at your destination. When you arrive at the Hong Kong airport, you just go straight to security with your boarding pass and your luggage already processed.

You do need an Airport Express ticket to use the check-in service. But that's OK, the $13USD ticket is cheaper than taking a cab. And the Airport Express train has WiFi.

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